What is the base of your products ?

Composted and Screened Pine bark , which has been carefully composted in large stacks over a 6 month  period.

Why is pine bark used as the base medium as opposed to any other medium?

Considerable research has been done by Professor J. E Smith and the CSIR on pine bark as a growing medium , so it is a well researched and recognised medium.

What are the benefits of your pine bark based medium ?

  • It has excellent moisture retention properties.
  • It assists in soil aeration, and provides a well drained medium that it light weight and difficult to over water.
  • It contains micro-organisms and bacteria that are essential to composting.

What can one use the growing medium for ?

The growing medium is a versatile product and is excellent for lawns, flowers, nursery bags,veggies,pot plants,sandy soil,mulching, golf course greens, turf pitches, race courses, and dune stabilization.Some variations are available for specific purposes ie potting mix and lawn dressing.

Our growing medium is one of our products and is the most widely used  product due to its nutrient content.

What are the ingredients of your growing medium?

70% Composted screened pine bark
10 % Chicken Litter
10% Kraal Manure
10% River Sand

See  detail of all products on Products Page.

Is pine bark not too acidic for plants. ?

Yes , it can be if not composted and decomposed correctly. It has to be properly managed  due to the combination of water and aeration  to achieve and maintain  the microbial action that takes place during this process.

We have researched and tested  our growing mediums  over a very long period to ensure they  is of the highest quality  before releasing onto the market.

Our pine bark has been composted and decomposed over a 6 month  period and is properly decomposed , composted and screened  before being used as the base for our mediums.

What is the acidity of your pine bark based mediums?

Their  PH  is close to neutral in most of our growing mediums .

What types or pine bark are used in your growing mediums?

We use the  Pinus Elliotta , Patula and Taedia   varieties supplied by well established pine plantation  mills in the Natal Midlands .

Is the supply of your pine bark based mediums sustainable ?

We have  approx 8000m³  in stock at present  and continue to obtain pine bark for the process of composting, so yes,  we believe we have sustainable quantities for at least the next few years in stock at the moment.

The stacks are in a continual process of composting over and above the available stock   for sale at the moment so  the composting of our  growing medium is an ongoing   process .

What is organic about your products?

All the ingredients are sourced from natural and renewable  resources and they are free from  harmful bacteria  and chemicals. There is no sawdust added to any of our products

Do you have analyses of your products ?

Yes, please enquire at the office for the latest results.

Our seedling mixes   are regularly tested by reputable laboratories and we are continually complemented on the high quality and consistency  of  our mediums.

Do you customise mixes?

Yes,  we do specific mixes as requested as there  are many plants and vegetable crops  which have specific nursery applications.

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