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Organic for Africa is situated in the quiet countryside of Greytown, KwaZulu Natal and produces a range of organic products.

Pine bark, which has been aged and scientifically composted, is the base of most of our products. Composted pine bark is a renewable resource with stable physical properties (well drained, aerated and light weight) and it contains many essential nutrients. Our composted pine bark is devoid of weeds, undesirable chemicals, heavy metals and harmful soil pathogens.

Organic for Africa can customize or blend special mixes to suit your personal requirements.


The products are available in 15 dm, 30 dm printed plastic bags and 60 dm sizes are in polyprop bags.

Bulk Deliveries

Bulk deliveries up to 40 cubic meters are available depending on the density of product as the weight of the various products varies. Enquire at our office for a quotation for a bulk delivery to your required destination